He's beautiful. I need to stop being silly.


Heaven is an ideal unreachable to the hands of men, who cannot comprehend that this just might be all we have. Life, each day of it is the miracle. You have to make your own ideal of heaven. Find it in those around you. Find that awesome bliss. Find it where ever you can. Take drugs, drink to much, be hedonistic, be stupid, or don't, just find that little piece of what ever it is that makes your heart burst. Take chances on life. Take a chance full stop. Find the moments that makes the shit worth it. Just find yourself and find whatever it is that'll make you happy. Be a saint, be a sinner, be an egregious monster. Be the best, be the worst. Be a mess. Be whatever.

Just find the miraculous in the everyday. Find it in the people around you.


I want to scream at you everything in my head but it will never gain me answers.

All I know is, if I think about it to much it has a habbit of tearing me up inside.


a few things learned from last night...
1. People sometimes don't act how they feel.
2. Kissing people is a stupid thing to do.
3. Talking to you fucks with my head.
4. I talk more truth.
5. Things never happen in the order you need them to.
6. Pretty boys can walk on water.


I fucking hate you sometimes...


I don't like proper Mountain Dew... It gives me a come down :/
I've joined the band wagon of Tumblr...
I miss when we were just friends.